GamePad 4 Flash v1.4 is released.
New features include...
100% Accurate Keyboard Emulation
Lower CPU Usage
Higher Resolution Icon

New website design
Still working on my portfolio and links section.

Games and Link page added.

Also check out my animated short called, "Don't Kiss the Frog".

GamePad 4 Flash v1.3 is released.
New features include...
More Buttons (8 total)
More Keys (68 total)
Save Multiple Game Settings
Disable GP4F Option
Better Response & Error Checking

MoRen is released.Render Moho files without opening Moho. Avalable for windows and linux (tested on Ubuntu 8.04).

Flash LipSync is now freeware and opensource.

Flash LipSync v1.01 Released
Shapes are seperated with there own letter
Added "Browser" and "Projector" timing option
FLS file has changed
"Closed" mouth shape is now in frame 1 of swf
Fixed delay in action-script

Flash LipSync v1.0 Released

Added "Timing/CPU" control to GP4F - Lite

GamePad 4 Flash 1.2 Released
Added "Timing/CPU" control
Improved control
Fixed button hold
Faster response
All bugs fixed in this release

GamePad 4 Flash 1.1 Released
Added keys A - Z
Improved timing

GamePad 4 Flash 1.0 Released

GamePad 4 Flash

Tired of playing your flash and shockwave games with your keyboard? GamePad 4 Flash enables you to use your gamepad/joystick to play your favorite online and offline games. Also, it's not limited to flash games but works for pc games that were not programmed for a gamepad.

You can set up your axis and buttons on your gamepad to use any of the 68 keys. Adjust the "Button Response" option to accurately emulate the keyboards timings. Version 1.3 also has a new option to save your settings for each game.

The lite version is limited to the axis setup only and never expires.

Windows 95/98/Me/XP, Gamepad/Joystick, DirectX 7.0


Flash LipSync

Flash LipSync allows you to create lipsync scripts for flash. Just sync your audio with a mouth animation and then export the action-script to be used in any flash program that supports Macromedia's standard action-script.

April 7th of 2006, the remaining bugs were fixed and Flash LipSync was released as opensource.

Thanks to Remus for his hard work on writing the action-script. www.necromanthus.com

A compiled executable and source is available in the download.
view source code




MoRen enables you to render "*.anme| *.moho" files without opening AnimeStudio, aka Moho. The reasoning was to render animations faster without having the program open. Which could save on some system resources. Currently, I have no time for it but there are plans for batch processing and possibly a render farm version.

MoRen got its name from being a rendering app for Moho before it was changed to AnimeStudio. MoRen is freeware and more information about AnimeStudio can be found here...

MoRen is available as freeware.
It's available for windows and linux (tested on Ubuntu 8.04).